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Personal Injury Lawyers, Traffic Accident Lawyers

Personal injury


Chudnovsky Law is a French-speaking firm specializing in personal injury law in the Los Angeles area and in the United States.

We help victims of serious injuries, truck crashes, wrongful death, traffic accidents, plane crashes and we help them get fair compensation.

It doesn’t matter who caused the injury – large business, government, or individual – your personal injury lawyer team will hold them accountable for their negligence and help you get fair compensation.

The relentless pursuit of justice

Our team of injury lawyers in Los Angeles have always been a champion of consumer rights. The size, the strike force or the financial strength of the culprits are never a deterrent in our quest for justice.

Over the years, our skilled team of accident attorneys have assembled the resources we need to thoroughly investigate our clients’ injuries, car crashes, wrongful deaths or product defects and achieve the best result. possible for our customers.


The firm understands that clients experience considerable emotional and financial strain after an accident. It does not impose additional expenses on you. Chudnovsky Law attorneys work on a contingency fee basis for personal injury cases, which means you pay nothing until they get compensation for you.

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