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Schengen Visa Travel Insurance: Requirements and Guidelines

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For Indians, it is mandatory to have a Schengen visa and Schengen visa travel insurance to enter a Schengen country. Therefore, having complete knowledge about the types of Schengen visas and the requirements and guidelines for getting Schengen travel insurance is crucial.

So, let us learn about them in depth.

What Is Schengen Visa Travel Insurance?

Schengen travel insurance is a tool that helps cope up with unexpected expenses that you may face during your trip to Schengen countries. Buying travel insurance improves the chances of getting a Schengen visa.

By providing reimbursement to the policyholder in health emergencies and situations like lost or delayed luggage, lost passport, accidental dental treatment and accidents, Schengen visa travel insurance saves you from the trouble of paying extra money out of your pocket during your trip.

However, purchasing Schengen visa travel insurance requires utmost attention as there are many requirements and guidelines that you need to follow.

Schengen Visa Insurance Requirements and Guidelines

 Sum Insured

The sum insured in your travel insurance policy should be more than €30,000.

 Adequate Financial Coverage

Your Schengen travel insurance should have financial coverage for medical expenses, accidents, third-party liability, and repatriation of the remains.


Buying Schengen travel insurance means you will only get financial support in Schengen countries. For this reason, it is suggested that you read your policy and ensure that it includes all the Schengen countries.

This is because if you encounter any unfortunate incident during your travel to other Schengen countries (not mentioned in your policy), you will not be eligible to raise a claim.

 Purpose of Travel

As there are multiple types of travel insurance policies available, you need to take your purpose of travel into consideration before buying one. Not having the right policy (that justifies your travel motive) may result in visa rejection.

  • Student Travel Insurance: If you are going to a Schengen country for studies, you need to opt for this type of Schengen travel insurance.
  • Family Travel Insurance: If you are travelling with your family, buy this travel insurance plan rather than buying separate plans for each member of your family.
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: If you are above 60, you should choose a Senior citizen travel insurance plan when visiting Schengen countries.

 Policy Tenure

Keeping a check on your travel insurance maturity date is necessary to ensure that your travel policy remains valid throughout your journey.

In addition, your policy should also have the feature of extension periods as it will help you remain financially covered even if your stay gets prolonged due to travel-related contingencies.

 Approved Insurance Provider

This is considered to be the most important prerequisite for Schengen travel insurance. You should only consult an insurance provider who is approved by the government.

This is because only a credible travel insurance company will provide you with services that are mandatory for getting a Schengen visa.


There are many criticalities involved in purchasing travel insurance for a Schengen visa, of which you need to be aware in advance. To get Schengen Travel Insurance, you should keep all the points listed in this article in your mind to avoid difficulties during your trip.

If you want to embark on a fun-filled journey to the Schengen area with the necessary financial support, it is suggested that you opt for Schengen travel insurance beforehand.

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