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Make the trip of your dreams with a vacation loan

vacation loan


The holidays are finally here! Perhaps you dream of taking the trip of a lifetime? Or to escape urgently? Unfortunately, your budget is not on the same wavelength… Don’t give up! Take out a vacation loan and pack your bags. Don’t wait another day to make your dream come true.

Do you dream of vacation?

Who says vacation, says travel. Perfect for recharging your batteries and getting away from everyday life.

Have you been dreaming of faraway places for years or have you spotted an unexpected last-minute , but are stuck by a budget that is too tight? Whatever trip you dream of, don’t be discouraged if you don’t have the opportunity to afford it right away. Have you ever heard of a vacation loan?

Get away with a personal loan

A vacation loan is actually a personal loan with a fixed interest rate . You therefore repay the same amount each month, which depends from one bank to another as well as the amount, duration and interest rate of the loan. We will analyze your request within 24 hours . This formula is completely tailor-made , depending on your situation, and thanks to the installment repayment, you won’t have to worry about your budget taking a serious hit.

What are the conditions for borrowing?

To be able to obtain a personal loan for your vacation, you must be a natural person and you must be able to prove that you are the person making the request. You must also be at least 18 years old and have a fixed income .

What are the elements to take into consideration?

You know that borrowing money also costs money. Make sure you are able to repay on time . Make a preliminary estimate of the amount you can borrow based on the monthly payments you can repay , in order to maintain a financial margin. Isn’t that your cup of tea? Get advice. Also keep in mind that vacations are fleeting. You pay to give yourself an experience of which you will only keep memories and photos.

Find the most advantageous vacation loan

You can borrow from a bank, but an independent broker or credit advisor is more suitable. He will indeed compare the loans of different credit companies and seek the most appropriate solution according to your situation. Be sure to define the budget you need beforehand, so as not to borrow more than necessary, and calculate the monthly payments that you will be able to repay. Remember that borrowing money also costs money .

Borrow from “Credit service”

“Credit service” is a credit broker who will offer you a loan on the best terms . We submit your request to various credit companies and then give you a free, non-binding, fully personalized offer . We take into account the amount to borrow, the monthly payments and the interest rate. You can also easily run a simulation on the Credit service website.

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