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Are you prepared with the right type of content for future SEO?

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20 years have passed; or is it 30? Well, 30 years have passed since the true birth of this internet. From Yahoo, to Bing, to Backrub, to Google, search engines have changed, and so has the content. This is what we call evolution and this helps life grow. Similarly, the demand for the type of content has changed too. Now, you won’t survive the wave without the quality of content. So after you get some quality SEO packages like , it is time to comb through the content quality. People need to see more about, Perfectlinkbuilding says, what makes content the right type of content.

So what makes content good and how can you master it?

How to write the right content that helps SEO?

If you usually read about SEO then you surely might have heard of User Intent before. This is what Google is trying to fix for years, and we finally can see it getting really successful at it. So, what actually is this User Intent?

The true meaning of User Intent!

Imagine you are asking a gatekeeper of some condo about where could Flat No. B3 be. Now, here, the user intent is to know the location of the flat. You expect the gatekeeper to direct you towards your intended location. But what if he says, “Sir, for this you’d have to walk 100 meters towards the Bosko Cafeteria, the food there is too good. You must try it for sure because you would regret otherwise.”

What would you feel like here? Terrible we think. Why? Because the person has not served you a smooth solution. This is what usually happens in the internet world. People convey something to Google and something else to its users. This is against the digital ethics and this is what Google is against. It wants people to serve what they are saying they would serve.

User Intent is the intention with which a user comes with to Google. In the earlier days, it was being hard for Google to understand what exactly do people want. Why? Because its ability to understand natural language was weak. But now it has the required tools to make it happen –

  • I. – Artificial Intelligence
  • NLP – Natural Language Processing
  • ML – Machine Learning

Google has worked over semantics and can now understand the context behind a query and the content. Thus, it can now match a user query with the right solution over the internet.

How to write the content that works for SEO?

Now, it comes down to how to write a piece of an article so that the whole world loves it. There are two ways to do it – either you can buy some quality link building packages with content like, or you can write content by yourself.

Here is how to be a maestro of content writing and make your domain speak like a lord to all.

Be true to your audience!

The world of verbal click bait is over. Now, if you lure with sweet and give chillies on the plate then your digital restaurant will suffer. If you are writing an article about mangoes, then write about mangoes and not how to make mango pie without the right tools.

Try providing value to your audience. You may be creative in writing a beautiful and catchy headline, but you don’t have to lie. Furthermore, make sure that your complete article is to the point and is not beating around the bush.

Structurize your content!

This is something that very few are aware of in the present times. But structuring an article is not a new thing. It has been around for ages. Providing the right structure to an article makes it easier to digest. It is like you are making a shopping mall but you are throwing the shops around anywhere. There is no order. It will do nothing more than confusing people to nightmares.

You have to provide a proper structure to the content by giving it relevant headlines and subheadlines (H1, H2, H3, H4 tags) It will help google understand your content well.

For example, if an article is about how to ride a car, then your H1 heading would be the title. Here Google will understand what the content is about. Then there might be more than 1 H2 tags. Make sure that H2 tags are somehow related. It is like a tree. Consider trunk to be H1, Main branches to be H2, and the small twigs to be H3s. Or you may simply go for an SEO expert – – to help you in it.

Don’t stuff with keywords!

These are gone tricks and are now considered blackhat, which means that they will only lead to penalties and bans. You need to respect the use of keywords and use them correctly. For this, you first need to see more about, Perfectlinkbuilding says, what keywords actually are.

Keywords are a way to tell Google that this URL is giving value around these keywords and you may suggest them this URL. In simple terms, keywords are usually the search queries that users make and websites try to target. You need not to fill your article with keywords alone. They are like sugar in a dessert and must be used wisely.

Try using storytelling and narrative!

Nothing is more dear to us humans than reading a story. We have been hearing tales of war and love and laugh and cry and whatnot for millennia. They help us know life from close. Narrative is something that people need to weave their content with. It will double the impact of the article.

When possible, use dialogues and storytelling into the article or blog. It will make your reader think that they are talking to a human speaking to them and not a robot throwing a bunch of words.

Weave those sentences with lively imagery. What is imagery? It is something that will give a soothing life to your sentences. It is something that will make your article impactful and increase your domain’s worth so that you sit back before a beach on one fine sunny day and sip that smooth beer while listening to the sounds of seagulls.

When to look for help from SEO companies for content?

The digital field, or internet, is something that is constantly changing. It is evolving very fast. This is why there are experts out there that breathe its very core and breathe out what they know about it. Content requires skill, SEO is tricky, and link building is trickier. If you are free to invest a big amount of time in all these, then you can do it all on your own. But if you have a business and you need to focus on many other things, then we strongly suggest you to go for expertise. Look for an expert SEO agency like – See more about Perfectlinkbuilding. Make sure that you do not fall for an SEO company pretending to be smart. You will get tricked and your domain will suffer.

At last, we always say – Content was the king, is the king, and will be the king. We crave quality and thus it is our responsibility to serve it too.

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