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Why You Need a Trash Screen Stormwater

Why You Need a Trash Screen Stormwater


Australia is an incredibly biodiverse place, with unique wildlife and ecosystems. So residents and business owners have a responsibility to do their part in looking after the flora and fauna found on this continent. Besides looking for sustainable sources of energy, it’s crucial to eliminate pollution, or at the very least limit what trash finds its way from residential and commercial areas and into nature.

Making sure to dispose of trash properly is all well and good, but, sadly, not everyone pays enough attention all the time to do so. So when rain comes along, the resulting stormwater may well pick up stray cigarette butts, food packaging, and plastic waste. That’s where a trash screen stormwater comes into the picture.

What is a Trash Screen?

 This is a kind of fencing that’s used to filter debris out of a waterway, so you may find them in sewer systems and in water treatment or collection systems. It’s a great tool for helping to make sure that streams, rivers, and other bodies of water stay free of trash and other materials that are similarly unwanted or potentially hazardous to wildlife.

All trash screens are similar in their basic design, but the materials used can differ from one model to another. For example, the most basic trash screen would be made of a frame and a plastic or metal mesh with holes big enough to let water through but small enough to keep trash out. Bigger screens or those found in commercial applications may have additional elements.

Why a Trash Screen is Necessary

 To keep marine life safe from trash

As mentioned above, a trash screen helps ensure that bodies of water are kept free of trash and debris. This, in turn, helps to make sure that marine life won’t be in danger from these discarded elements, and that’s good news for any local conservation efforts in your area.

To keep the surroundings clean and beautiful

Another benefit you can expect from using trash screens where needed is that your surroundings will be more aesthetically pleasing since there’s no trash to ruin the scenery. As shallow as that may sound, it’s still something to look forward to, since whether you’re at home or at work, beautiful surroundings are more pleasing and relaxing to be in.

To prevent clogged waterways and flood

Yet another reason for using a trash screen is to prevent clogging waterways and therefore preventing flooding, especially when there’s heavy rain. At the very least, floods are an inconvenience and can leave affected areas damp and muddy, requiring hours of clean-up. In the worst-scenario, severe flooding can cause property damage that will cost quite a bit to repair. If the affected area is in a commercial area, a business might find itself unable to operate until everything’s been cleaned up and any damage fixed.

Before you go and buy trash screens to add to your home’s pipes, sewer system, or your business’s water treatment or collection system, remember that you need to consult a professional first. This is so you don’t waste money on a screen that isn’t right for your needs, or won’t be sturdy enough for the application you have in mind.

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