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Accurate payroll


Companies face a number of challenges when it comes to managing payroll: staff turnover and availability, legislative changes to be implemented, and benefits administration. Accurate payroll information is imperative as errors can result in fines. They can also tarnish the employer’s brand.

Outsourcing payroll will save business owners time and money so they can spend on their operations. We offer a complete payroll solution, which is assigned a dedicated professional who is familiar with your company’s payroll department. We deliver quality work on time.

We offer a fully managed system that helps businesses understand the cycle of all employees from hire to departure, whether it’s annual leave, parental or sick leave, or calculating employee benefits. taxes and annual leave pay. Also, we can:

ensure compliance of your payroll and CRA reporting department;

ensure tax compliance for Canadian employees and foreign nationals working in Canada;

reduce the sources of annoyance by setting up services correctly from the start and by soliciting people who have in-depth knowledge of compliance requirements in national and international contexts, of the registration component and of the calculation elements;

liaise with the CRA on behalf of clients and provide assistance with reviews and audits.

Our self-service payroll solution is confidential and secure. Employees can view their pay stubs, T4 slips (current and past), and update personal information such as bank details and contact information. Administrators can approve changes and produce payroll reports for each pay period. The solution is always there, no matter the time and place: all you need to do is log on from a computer, tablet or smartphone. It allows you to gain real-time access to financial data, which will help you make informed business decisions.

A simple and smooth transition

Our seasoned payroll managers work closely with clients and their team members to provide support and guidance throughout the process. What we can do:

We will jointly establish timelines for the payroll transition and ensure it is carried out in an efficient and cost effective manner.

We will test and validate the solution and we will make the necessary corrections before its implementation

We will work closely together throughout the process and provide reliable advice along the way

We have helped hundreds of clients transfer their business payroll processing. Contact one of our business payroll professionals to find a solution that meets your needs.

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