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Why is it better to hire a personal injury lawyer?



Albert Benzrihem : Assoon asthe pain or the after-effects linked to your accident develop, it is advisable to contact a lawyer, after consulting a doctor or going to the hospital. Whether it is a domestic accident such as a fall, cut, burn, poisoning, or a traffic accident involving other people, you have a good chance of being covered for your damages. . But insurance companies have every interest in compensating you as little as possible. This is where the lawyer comes in .

How to choose the professional who will defend us?

All lawyers in the United States should be able to resolve a case out of court without filing a complaint, or file a complaint in court and pursue it until trial. But there are a lot of offices here, called the “mills,” which spend millions on advertising and put the boss’s head up all over town, and seek to resolve the case amicably quickly. without filing the complaint in court, to recoup their costs.

Opposite, there are offices which resolve amicably but also take care of you if you decide to go to litigation, and which take the case to court when necessary. In my practice in Florida, we do both. Believe me, insurance companies know which offices invariably resolve cases without bringing them to trial, and which are prepared, when necessary, to represent victims in litigation. This difference is critical, because once a law firm has demonstrated that it is capable of getting a case through litigation and bringing it to completion, it earns the respect of the law firm . insurance, and the latter will then make pre-litigation offers tailored to thereal after-effects of the victim .

Why is it better to hire a personal injury lawyer?

Because only a lawyer dedicated exclusively to the representation of victims of bodily accidents will be able to defend you! Personal injury cases require a great deal of experience. If the insurance company offers you $ 100,000 in compensation, the lawyer who does not have the required experience does not know that technically the consequences can be worth $ 200,000.

There is another element to take into account, which involves the numbers. An unscrupulous and unscrupulous lawyer could advise his client to accept the $ 100,000, because the law, which caps his fees at 33% and one-third of the sum obtained for his client, would allow him to be paid 33,333 , $ 33. On the other hand, if he chooses to refer his client to another lawyer who would be dedicated to bodily injury , he would receive 25% of this lawyer ‘s fees. Like the fees of a personal injury lawyerare capped at 40% of the sum obtained, if the latter obtains $ 200,000 for the victim, he will be paid $ 80,000, and the first lawyer 25% of this sum, or only $ 20,000. So, what would be the interest of the latter to refer the case to someone else?

This kind of situation is unfortunately more and more frequent, with lawyers choosing to settle cases out of court as quickly as possible. And all of this is of course done to the detriment of the client, who has neck or back pain who may never know the true value of its after-effects , because there is no scale apart from experience.

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