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Amazon Product Identifiers

Amazon Product Identifiers


Every product that is sold on Amazon has different digits associated with it these can be a combination of digits and letters. The combination of letters and digits is known as product identifiers. The main product Identifier, used for the products isthe ASIN number Amazon. These are only used by the Amazon platform and are also known as Amazon standard identification numbers.

Other product identifiers are used within each e-commerce platform. These are called GTIN (Global Trade Item Number). These are universal product identifiers.

Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASIN):

ASINs are the combination of letters and digits. These are specific for each product available for sale on amazon. These are available on every product page of amazon, amazon catalog, and the website URL of the product.

Amazon uses these amazon standard identification numbers to keep track of the inventory, to bring it in search results, and to create a reference of the product.

Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN):

These are specific to the particular item and can be used to create product pages. The sellers need to use global trade item numbers to match the standards of other industries as well. These are also critical as they make your product easily accessible worldwide.

The common GTINs are as follows:

  1. European Article Numbers (EAN)
  2. Universal Product Codes (UPC)
  3. International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN)
  4. Japanese Article Numbers (JAN)
  5. Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)

International standard Book numbers are the combination of digits and letters. The length of the ISBNs varies between 10 and 13 digits.  The numbers that were issued to the products by Amazon before 2007 contain only 10 digits and those International standard book numbers that are issued after 2007 by Amazon contain thirteen digits.

Universal product codes are mostly used by wholesale sellers or those who want to export or sell their items internationally. These universal product codes contain only 12 digits.

European Article numbers also contain thirteen digits like International ISBN. This code is accepted widely and is also known as International Article Number. It is most familiar in the United States and other European countries. Like UPC, it can also be located on the cover of the book and or outer packaging of the product.

Japanese article number is mostly used in JAPAN and neighboring countries. It also contains 13 digits.

Global trade item numbers contain 14 digits and are used universally. All the above-mentioned GTIN codes can be found on the cover or packaging of the item and below the bar code.

How To Obtain a Product Identifier?

In order to obtain a product Identifier code for his or her products, the seller requestsa global trade item number from the manufacturer. If you are the manufacturer of the product then GS1 standard website can help you. Book publishers can consult U.S. ISBN Agency to solve their problem regarding the GTIN code.

Every product that is sold on amazon hasa unique trade product number. You can also read Amazon’s bundle guidelines to get more information.

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