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5 Tips for Pricing Your Home to Sell Quickly in San Jose, California

Tips for Pricing


There’s no denying that the real estate market is hot, and when you want to sell your San Jose home quickly, you don’t have to do much. However, If you’re trying to figure out the best strategy for pricing your home, a top agent can help.

In the meantime, here are five pricing tips to get you started.

1. Show buyers your home is great for remote workers

With so many businesses allowing their workers to work remotely and San Jose being the heart of Silicon Valley, you have to market your home as being perfect for remote workers. If you have a spare room, convert it to a home office. Or, if you don’t have a spare room but just a large living room or a nook somewhere, add an area rug and a desk to show buyers that there is a space for a desk.

2. Promote your property on social media

Don’t leave marketing your property to just whatever your real estate agent is going to do. Be sure to advertise your house on your social media networks. You can post that your house is for sale in community Facebook groups or even among your friends. If you have an agent and they have a website for your property, you can direct people to that link. If not, you can still post amateur photos until your agent does have something more professional.

3. Boost curb appeal as soon as possible

You only have one chance to make a good first impression, so your curb appeal has to be on point. When you take the time to trim your trees, plant bright-colored flowers, mow the lawn, and powerwash the property, you’re making a good first impression, but it also helps warrant a better price tag.

Remember, when buyers see that your yard looks good, they’ll be interested in seeing the interior.

4. Look Into staging services

Staging always helps buyers envision themselves living on a property. They can see how the space is used, and they’ll have a better go at trying to figure out how to use the space and whether their belongings will fit.

When you stage your home, be sure to open all of your windows so plenty of that California sunshine can brighten your home. Staging can enhance your price point while also helping it sell faster, too.

Staging, needless to say, is a key tactic when you’re trying to price your home to sell.

5. Know what buyers in San Jose want

Buyers in San Jose know exactly what they want, and you need to appeal to those wants. The main factors that will lure a buyer in are whether the property is within walking distance to key shopping areas and public transit, if the property is move-in ready, and if there’s natural gas. If you have these things, you can certainly garner a higher price tag than homes that are lacking.

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