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4 Reasons Why You May Want to Buy Damson Tree or Two

buy damson tree


While you already have a couple of plum trees, have you thought about adding a damson tree or two to the mix? These can be wonderful additions to your collection of fruit trees. If you think that you want to buy damson tree but want some justification, consider these reasons.

A Different Kind of Plum

You may hear a little debate over whether damsons are plums or simply a plum-like fruit. Either way, there’s no doubt that they’re tasty. Further, if you like plums, there’s a good chance you will find damsons to your liking.

In terms of appearance, damsons are differently shaped from plums. Instead of being round, they are more of an oval shape. You can pick the fresh off the tree, rinse well, and then eat immediately. You can also chill them, much the way you may want to chill grapes slightly before enjoying a few.

Excellent Choice For Canning

Canning never really went out of style, but it does seem to have picked up momentum in recent years. The good news is that damsons are among the fruits that can well. There are different recipes that range from pickled damsons to options that keep the peeled fruit fresh and ready for consumption during the off seasons.

Keep in mind that if you’re not much for canning, there’s no reason why you can’t blanch and then freeze damsons for later use. You’ll find that they work well as an ingredient in many recipes that call for the use of fruit.

Makes Great Fruit Preserves

Another reason to buy damson tree is that you love jams, jellies, and other forms of preserves. Without a doubt, you can easily convert a favorite plum or apple jelly recipe to use damsons. Thanks to the texture and the sweetness, you’ll find that the outcome will be something you can enjoy with breakfast or even as an afternoon treat.

Keep in mind that homemade jams and jellies are wonderful gifts for loved ones around the holidays. Think of how nice it would be to harvest damsons within season, make up batches of preserves, and then include them in gift baskets that you hand deliver to your closest friends and family members.

Those Beautiful Off-White Blossoms

While the highlight is the fruit itself, damson trees also offer another ornamental element to the landscape. The blossoms are a perfect off-white, small, and come in singles rather than bunches. You can expect blossoms to appear for several seasons before the tree begins to bear fruit, providing time to enjoy them.

Given the diminutive size of each blossom, they won’t visually overpower whatever else is happening in your space. What they will do is add another layer of visual appeal to the garden. See that as a bonus while you wait for the day that the first fruit bears.

If you like the idea of adding a damson tree or two, now is the time to learn more about them. Visit your favorite online fruit tree website, and see what you can find. Today may be the ideal day to place an order.

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