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How Does an Accessibility Overlay Work for Your Website?

Accessibility Overlay Work for Your Website


The Internet is a fascinating discovery and indispensable platform for everyone today. However, has the thought ever crossed your mind as to how do people with visual, motor, and other cognitive disabilities use the Internet?

The sad news is that out of a total of 350 million sites in the USA, there is just 2% of this number is accessible by users with a disability. Users with disabilities constitute approximately 20% of the total population in the nation, meaning one out of five people do not have web access. All types of accessibility, including physical and digital, is a basic right for everyone. This is where companies must ensure their sites are seamlessly accessible to every user, and with the right tool, this is possible, that too in an affordable manner.

How can an accessibility overlay tool help you?

When it comes to the subject of web accessibility, it is legal in several nations. This means that if you do not ensure your site is accessible to everyone, this will invite lawsuits and hefty penalties that can also run into thousands of dollars. Major companies have been sued for inaccessible sites, so if you wish to keep litigation at bay, it is prudent to install an accessibility overlay for your business site at the earliest.

Keep lawsuits at bay with accessibility overlays

Accessibility overlays not only keep lawsuits away. They offer you several business benefits as well. They ensure your site visitors get an enjoyable browsing experience when it comes to your business website. This goes the extra mile in making them happy. At the same time, you boost your business credibility in the market as well. You can reach out to a larger section of the online community with disabilities that have spending power. In this way, you enhance your sales opportunities to a large extent.

How do they work for your website?

Accessibility overlays are software applications that sit on top of the base codes of your site. They can be installed with a single line of JavaScript and are automated tools that function in the background making adjustments. The tool scans the site daily to ensure adjustments are made to the web content to make it fully compliant.

Why should you choose overlays with artificial intelligence over generic tools?

When it comes to choosing inaccessibility overlays, you should choose one with artificial intelligence over generic tools. This helps you get a custom and comprehensive solution to include users with all kinds of disabilities. Generic tools are effective, but they do have their limitations when it comes to performance.

The accessibility overlay you choose will ensure your site is free from compliance issues, allowing you to focus on important matters of your business. Your site visitors will be satisfied as they are able to make the accessibility adjustments as per their preferences. The biggest advantage of accessibility overlays is that they are highly affordable, even for small business owners. You no longer have to hire web developers to fix accessibility issues. You can rely on this quick and affordable tool to do the job 24/7 for you daily!

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