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Features and Benefits of Credit Cards

Credit Cards


Like debit cards, the top best credit cards in India are a convenient option for cash transactions both online and offline. However, there is a difference between a credit card and a debit card. One of the primary advantages of a credit card over a debit card is that it lets you borrow money for your purchases. So, when you use your card to make a payment, the amount is not deducted from your bank account but from a pre-approved loan given to you. But that is not all! There are many other benefits of credit cards. To understand this better, let us go through the features and benefits of credit cards in detail.

Credit card features

Some of the selected best credit card premium India features are mentioned below –

  •   EMI payment

One of the best features of a credit card is that you can easily use the card to convert your high-end purchases into affordable credit card EMIs, which can be paid over a specified period.

  •   Easy approval

The credit card can be applied for both online and offline. The eligibility criteria are simple and consist of only a few basic documents.

  •   Customize card limit

Credit card limits vary from one cardholder to another and are decided by the issuer on the basis of credit history and score. Generally, the better the score and history, the higher the credit limit.

  • Loan during emergency

A top best credit card in India facilities can also be used to avail a personal loan to meet any emergency.

  • ATM cash withdrawal

One of the top benefits of using a credit card premium India is that, like a debit card, it can also be used to withdraw cash from ATMs. Interest and fees may be charged for such transactions, although some issuers also offer the benefit of no-interest withdrawals.

Benefits of credit card

You can enjoy many benefits when you use a credit card to make transactions. Some common credit card benefits are listed below-

1. Buy Big-Ticket Items on Credit

One of the most suitable credit card advantages is the option to buy now and pay later. This principle allows you to make large purchases on the loan you have borrowed so that your monthly budget is not affected. Also, once you have purchased the items, you can convert the cost of these items into low-cost credit card EMIs, which can be repaid over time. This aspect of credit cards has made the entire shopping experience better.

2. Cash out

Eliminating the need to carry cash to purchase items is definitely one of the top benefits of having a credit card. When you shop online, you can enter card details on the website or swipe the card at an offline store to complete your purchase.

3. Access to Cashback, Rewards & Offers

Most sought-after credit card benefits are special discounts, cashback, or reward points that can be collected while making purchases using the best credit card premium in India. There are also specialty credit cards that can be linked to specific retailers, shopping websites, travel websites, etc. In such circumstances, the rewards may change accordingly. The points collected can also be used to make future purchases.

Best credit card premium India benefits to customers are not limited to making purchases on credit only. Instead, it is extended to serve as a means of improving your credit score. This credit score plays an important role in deciding your creditworthiness and eligibility for the loan. By paying your credit card bills on time, you can greatly enhance your credit score and credit history.

Now that you are well aware of the benefits of having a credit card, you should make sure that when you are looking for a credit card, you apply for the top best credit card in India with the most benefits.

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